Gambling – 6 Tips To Overcome Them


Gambling problems arises when one tends to crave more money by excessive gambling. Gambling when overdone leads to bankruptcy and dysfunction of your loved ones

Gambling is very addictive and therefore you will end up in misery. Winning and losing is a part of gambling and it all depends on how much the person is mentally stable to take in the defeats in gambling Best10Gambling.

Gambling problems Gamblers Anonymous

1. Did you ever avoid school or work for gambling?

2. Has gambling made your life at home unhappy?

3. Has your reputation been affected by gambling?

4. Has your life been remorse after a game of gambling?

5. Did you choose to gambble and pay your debts?

6. Has gambling brought your ambition and aspirations down?

7. Did you ever want to win back all the money?

8. Did you have the urge to win more after you tasted some success?

9. Have you ever gambled and emptied your pocket?

10. Did you borrow money and gambled any day?

11. Did you go to the extent of selling?

12. Are you hesitating to use? Gambling money? for your daily expenses?

13. Has gambling made you careless person?

14. Did you want to gamble for more hours than you wanted?

15. Have you ever resorted to gambling to forget your worries?

16. Did you want to commit a illegal act to finance gambling?

17. Have you lost on sleep because of gambling?

18. Does the disappointment or argument spur you on to gamble more?

19. Do you want to enjoy some hours after gambling?

20. Have you ever attempted suicide after failure?

A person having gambling problems would say a ‘yes’ to at least seven questions posted above.

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